how to play? a game for two teams of at least two players per team. game begins with one member of a team picking a random card from the deck by pressing ""get a new card"". each card has a word that should be guessed correctly to score a point. the player says words other than those listed to the teammates to have them guess the first word. each card also contains four banned words which cannot be used to give clues. a violation to this rule is punished by pressing "taboo" button and this will decrease the score by -1 and current card will be skipped. a team can shout as many guesses, relevant or irrelevant, as they want with no penalties. once the team identifies the correct word, player moves to the next card, by pressing "correct" button. a team tries to score on as many cards as possible in the allotted time. ıf you have no idea how to explain your card just press "pass" button. each round has 3 "pass" which skips the current card. when the time is up next team plays. each player takes turns at leading their team. team with maximum points wins the game. * part of a banned word can not be used. * words rhyming with banned words can not be used. * singing, humming or whistling is not allowed. * abbreviations of banned words are not allowed.